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What is ACDC?

A.C.D.C. is an acronym for my hands-on, student-focused, teaching philosophy. I believe effective education requires Active learning, Cooperative learning, Discovery learning, and Community.

Active Learning


Teachers that provide thought-provoking lessons with meaningful activities that cause students to be actively engaged in the content. 

Students that are focused on learning because they trust their teachers will refuse to give them "busy work."

Cooperative Learning


Teachers that facilitate learning by allowing students to learn from one another. 

Students that can work together and demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills.

Discovery Learning


Teachers that develop new and effective ways to have students learn by doing. 

Students that view simulations as an effective, exciting, and fun way to learn the material.



Teachers that give students opportunities to interact with each other in a way that promotes excitement, laughter, friendships, and learning. 

Students that feel comfortable with all their classmates and are willing to help when their peers are struggling.

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